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20 Jun 2023

Frontiers Community Summit 2023: accelerating open science

The Frontiers Community Summit highlighted the accelerator effect of open science – and the critical need for quality, to ensure society is enabled by science and can take the right decisions. The summit took place as part of Frontiers Forum Live, an annual event that brings together Frontiers’ editors, other top researchers, innovators, and policy makers in a united mission to accelerate and mobilize open science. This 8th edition took place in Montreux, Switzerland, from 27-29 April as our first-ever hybrid event.  The event opened with the Community Summit, where Frontiers’ publishing and technology experts provided an update on the global transition to open science – and demonstrated Frontiers’ laser focus on quality across all stages of the publishing process.  Opening access to science is the most affordable, simplest, and fastest way to deliver solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.  – Kamila Markram, Frontiers Co-founder and CEO Dialogs and discussions between key stakeholders across science and policy further strengthened actions and collaborations for open science, which will help build a brighter future for everyone, all around the world.   Watch the talks via the links below. Jump to: Kamila Markram | Why our mission matters: driving the transition to […]

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01 Jun 2017

Frontier’s Editors Summit 2017

How is Open Science helping to shape the future of our planet? What role will ethics and leadership play in future sustainability? How critically entwined is the health of humans to that of other animals and the overall environment? What do we need to teach our children to prepare them for the future? For almost a decade Frontiers has been at the forefront of important and emerging research trends as well as a leader in open-access publishing and the Open Science movement. As the depth and breadth of the science that we publish expands we are recognizing and identifying cutting-edge outstanding research through our new Spotlight Award. Our strong advocacy for Open Science also continues as we believe that it will play a key role in securing the future sustainability of the earth. For the third year running, this June, our annual Frontiers Summit hosted Frontiers Chief Editors and staff and global political, business and science leaders to discuss leading research trends and to debate how we can further drive Open Science for the benefit of our planet and our children and grandchildren.

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01 Jul 2016

Frontiers 2nd Editors’ Summit: Science for sustainability

“Rapid and open dissemination of articles is necessary for the global change needed in the world’s urgent sustainability crisis. Frontiers empowers scientists in the publishing process to accelerate research communication and dissemination;” explained Kamila Markram, co-founder and CEO of Frontiers, in her opening speech at our 2nd annual Editors’ Summit. On the weekend of June 18-19, over 40 Frontiers Editors from around the world gathered at Champéry, Switzerland, to discuss their work over the past year and look into the future of academic publishing, dissemination of knowledge and the role researchers play in helping to solve the global problems the world is facing today. The theme of this year’s Summit was global sustainability. The EU announced that all research must be made freely available by 2020, and the group learned how open access will save billions of dollars of funding money, create waves of disruption, and lead to positive change including economic growth and wider, interdisciplinary scientific solutions to the global crisis. However, it was the cost of traditional publishers’ rejection cascade that stirred up emotions when the group discussed how much time and money is wasted in just one year due to needless rejections of perfectly correct research articles – and […]