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Your colleagues have hosted Research Topics spanning the breadth of plant science – many of which are now available as free ebooks!

Frontiers Research Topics are collections of articles that bring researchers and their publications together to create a comprehensive online resource for the research community, highlighting recent developments and providing a forum for areas of novelty or debate.

Browse the ebooks already available for Frontiers in Plant Science. If you have ideas for areas that could serve as the focus for a Research Topic in your discipline, please feel free to contact us at plantscience.topics@frontiersin.org

Evolution of transporters in plants

Edited by: Heven Sze, Angus S. Murphy, Markus Geisler

The Brassica Genome

Edited by: Xiaowu Wang, Michael Freeling

Nuclear components and dynamics during plant innate immunity

Edited by: Susana Rivas, Laurent Deslandes

Application of Proteomics for Improvement in Crop Protection/Artificial Regulation 

Edited by: Setsuko Komatsu, Hans-Peter Mock, Pingfang Yang, Birte Svensson

Cellular Iron homeostasis and metabolism in plant

Edited by: Gianpiero Vigani, Khurram Bashir, Katrin Philippar, Jean-François Briat, Graziano Zocchi

**Arabidopsis 2010 and beyond – big science with a small weed**Edited by: Andreas P. Weber

**Lignocellulosic feedstocks: research progress and challenges in optimising biomass quality and yield**Edited by: Maurice Bosch, Samuel P. Hazen

Induced plant responses to microbes and insects

Edited by: Corné M. J. Pieterse, Marcel Dicke, Saskia C. M. Van Wees, Erik H. Poelman

Hormonal cross-talk in plant development and stress responses

Edited by: Sergi Munné-Bosch, Maren Müller

Biofortification: how can we exploit plant science to reduce micronutrient deficiencies?

Edited by: Laura De Gara, Michael A. Grusak, Irene Murgia

Nitric Oxide Signalling in Plants

Edited by: Emmanuel Baudouin, John Hancock

Phloem: the integrative avenue for resource distribution, signalling and defence

Edited by: Aart J. E. van Bel, John W. Patrick, Gary A. Thompson, Jurriaan Ton, Biao Ding, Ykä Helariutta, Sylvie Dinant

Uptake and regulation of resource allocation for optimal performance and adaptation

Edited by: Yong-Ling Ruan, John W. Patrick, Sergey Shabala, Thomas L. Slewinski

Mechanisms regulating immunity in plants

Edited by: Alexandra M. E. Jones, Jacqueline Monaghan, Vardis Ntoukakis

Plant virus infection – a cell biology perspective

Edited by: Jean-François Laliberté, Peter Moffett, Helene Sanfacon, Aiming Wang, Richard Nelson, James Schoelz

Retrograde Signaling in Plants

Edited by: Dario Leister, Tatjana Kleine

Lipid signaling in plants

Edited by: Xuemin Wang, Kent D. Chapman

Evolution of Membrane Signaling and Trafficking in Plants

Edited by: Markus Geisler, Angus S. Murphy, Heven Sze

Current challenges in plant cell walls

Edited by: Jose M. Estevez, Seth DeBolt

Computational approaches in aid of advancing understanding in Plant Physiology

Edited by: Alisdair Fernie