Frontiers’ new journal pages shine light on scientists

Frontiers, one of the top five open access publishers in the world and known for its innovation, has officially launched a newly designed, mobile-friendly website to shine the spotlight on the thousands of open access authors and the expert scientists who are part of the publisher’s editorial board.

“We have more than 50,000 editors that come from the highest ranking institutes – making it the largest editorial board in the world. Our new pages give center stage to the members of our editorial board who are responsible for the review of manuscripts and decisions made on content,” said Kamila Markram, CEO and co-founder of Frontiers.

Frontiers empowers scientific communities to make publishing decisions when it comes to scientific articles and it’s mission has always been centered on the scientist and getting their research out to the public. The newly designed pages are another way to do that.

“We work with thousands of editors, authors and readers and received great feedback on our web pages. In response to the many suggestions, we gave our journals a new look as part of our larger re-branding efforts,” Markram said.

Frontiers began its re-branding the end of last year after seven years of remarkable growth. The new Journal pages have now been integrated into Frontiers re-design and each received a strong identity with a strong focus on authors, their articles and editors. The new journal pages are designed to give the scientist’s research more attention and include detailed statistics about each article’s impact. They also recognize the unique needs of scientific experts by showcasing the research topics of each journal and the specialty sections.

“Our unique editorial concept of large field journals subdivided into specialty sections, each led by its own editorial board, has been firmly integrated into our new sites. The scope of the field and the mission of each specialty is now clearly delineated helping authors choose the most suitable journal and experts to handle their submission,” Markram explained.

As of April 2015, Frontiers had over 115,000 authors and had published over 32,000 articles. Currently, articles on receives more than 4 million page views and downloads a month and that number is growing at a rapid rate.

Frontiers encourages you to explore the new Journal Pages at: