Frontiers publishes 600th e-book

This week Frontiers published its 600th e-book. Our latest e-book, entitled “Animal Allergens: Common protein characteristics featuring their allergenicity” can be found in Frontiers Books.

Frontiers Books is similar to an online bookstore, where you can find e-books on a variety of specialty research topics.  Content selected for our prestigious e-book collection is generated from Frontiers Research Topics, Frontiers Themes or Focused Reviews.  In addition to providing a downloadable e-book of the entire article collection, Frontiers Research Topics provides a unique way for  leading researchers to manage the publication of a collection of peer-reviewed articles around their own area of research.

EPUB and PDF versions of each e-book are available for free.

Our top 5 e-books for 2015 so far include:

  1. Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance

  2. Plant responses to flooding

  3. Brain and Art

  4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Healthy and Diseased Brain Networks

  5. Extracellular Nucleotides in the Regulation of Kidney Functions

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