Frontiers for Young Minds – Call for Papers

By Kirsten Martin

Are you up for the challenge of making your science accessible to young readers? Can you explain what you do in a jargon free way, that still conveys the original meaning of your work?

At Frontiers for Young Minds our goal is to make cutting-edge research available to young readers. To do this we have developed an innovative model in which scientific articles are written by active researchers for a target audience between the ages of 8 and 15. These articles are then reviewed by Young Reviewers for interest and clarity, resulting in a scientific article written by experts and shaped for young audiences by their own peers.

The journal features two article types:

  • New Discovery articles are based on an article that has already been peer reviewed and published (or accepted) in an academic journal, and should be written by researchers involved in the original publication.

  • Core Concept articles are written by recognized experts in the field who explain fundamental ideas in their discipline in a way that engages young people.

Each article should be self contained and have a clear scope. The authors of Core Concept articles should have established expertise in the field, including a relevant publication record. It is also possible to write these articles as a team with mixed seniorities if a senior researcher is actively involved in the writing and revision process, in order to protect the integrity of the article. You can find our already published articles on our article page.

We are currently accepting articles in four disciplines: Neuroscience, Earth and its Resources, Astronomy and Space Science and Health. We are a non-profit journal so there are no publishing fees.

For more information on how to submit, see our author guidelines and our How-To Guide, or contact us at We hope to receive your submissions soon!