Most viewed Oncology articles in November 2015

Telomeres and Telomerase in the Radiation Response: Implications for Instability, Reprogramming, and CarcinogenesisBrock J. Sishc*, Christopher B. Nelson, Miles J. McKenna, Christine L. R. Battaglia, Andrea Herndon, Rupa Idate, Howard L. Liber and Susan M. Bailey

Impact of Charged Particle Exposure on Homologous DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Human Blood-Derived CellsMelanie Rall, Daniela Kraft, Meta Volcic, Aljona Cucu, Elena Nasonova, Gisela Taucher-Scholz, Halvard Bönig, Lisa Wiesmüller* and Claudia Fournier*

Increase in Tumor Control and Normal Tissue Complication Probabilities in Advanced Head-and-Neck Cancer for Dose-Escalated Intensity-Modulated Photon and Proton TherapyAnnika Jakobi*, Armin Lühr*, Kristin Stützer, Anna Bandurska-Luque, Steffen Löck, Mechthild Krause, Michael Baumann, Rosalind Perrin and Christian Richter

Paving the Road for Modern Particle Therapy – What Can We Learn from the Experience Gained with Fast Neutron Therapy in Munich?Hanno M. Specht*, Teresa Neff, Waltraud Reuschel, Franz M. Wagner, Severin Kampfer, Jan J. Wilkens, Winfried Petry and Stephanie E. Combs

First Steps Towards Ultrasound-Based Motion Compensation for Imaging and Therapy: Calibration with an Optical System and 4D PET ImagingJulia Schwaab*, Christopher Kurz, Cristina Sarti, André Bongers, Frederic Schoenahl, Christoph Bert, Jürgen Debus, Katia Parodi and Jürgen Walter Jenne

Mutant p53: Multiple Mechanisms Define Biologic Activity in CancerMichael Paul Kim, Yun Zhang and Guillermina Lozano*

Cervical Cancer in Botswana: Current State and Future Steps for Screening and Treatment ProgramsSurbhi Grover*, Mmakgomo Raesima, Memory Bvochora-Nsingo, Sebathu P. Chiyapo, Dawn Balang, Neo Tapela, Onyinye Balogun, Mukendi K. A. Kayembe, Anthony H. Russell, Barati Monare, Senate Tanyala, Jailakshmi Bhat, Kealeboga Thipe, Metlha Nchunga, Susan Mayisela, Balladiah Kizito, Ari Ho-Foster, Babe Eunice Gaolebale, Ponatshego A. Gaolebale, Jason A. Efstathiou, Scott Dryden-Peterson, Nicola Zetola, Stephen M. Hahn, Erle S. Robertson, Lilie L. Lin, Chelsea Morroni and Doreen Ramogola-Masire

The Extracellular Matrix in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer – A Piece of a PuzzleAngela Cho, Viive M. Howell* and Emily K. Colvin

Current Challenges in Glioblastoma: Intratumour Heterogeneity, Residual Disease, and Models to Predict Disease RecurrenceHayley P. Ellis*, Mark Greenslade, Ben Powell, Inmaculada Spiteri, Andrea Sottoriva and Kathreena M. Kurian