Most viewed Immunology articles in July 2016

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Melanoma Affects the Composition of Blood Cell-Derived Extracellular VesiclesNina Koliha, Ute Heider, Tobias Ozimkowski, Martin Wiemann, Andreas Bosio and Stefan Wild*

Probiotic Lactobacilli Modulate Staphylococcus aureus-Induced Activation of Conventional and Unconventional T cells and NK CellsMaria A. Johansson, Sophia Björkander*, Manuel Mata Forsberg, Khaleda Rahman Qazi, Maria Salvany Celades, Julia Bittmann, Matthias Eberl and Eva Sverremark-Ekström*

M1- and M2-Type Macrophage Responses Are Predictive of Adverse Outcomes in Human AtherosclerosisMonica de Gaetano, Daniel Crean, Mary Barry and Orina Belton*

Association Study for 26 Candidate Loci in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients from Four European PopulationsAmit Kishore, Veronika Žižková, Lenka Kocourková, Jana Petrkova, Evangelos Bouros, Hilario Nunes, Vladimíra Loštáková, Joachim Müller-Quernheim, Gernot Zissel, Vitezslav Kolek, Demosthenes Bouros, Dominique Valeyre and Martin Petrek*

Transcriptome Analysis of B Cell Immune Functions in Periodontitis: Mucosal Tissue Responses to the Oral Microbiome in AgingJeffrey L. Ebersole*, Sreenatha S. Kirakodu, M. John Novak, Luis Orraca, Janis Gonzalez Martinez, Larry L. Cunningham, Mark V. Thomas, Arnold Stromberg, Subramanya N. Pandruvada and Octavio A. Gonzalez

Transforming Growth Factor-β-Activated Kinase 1 Is Required for Human FcγRIIIb-Induced Neutrophil Extracellular Trap FormationOmar Rafael Alemán, Nancy Mora, Ricarda Cortes-Vieyra, Eileen Uribe-Querol and Carlos Rosales*

Porcine CD3+NKp46+ Lymphocytes Have NK-Cell Characteristics and Are Present in Increased Frequencies in the Lungs of Influenza-Infected AnimalsKerstin H. Mair*, Maria Stadler, Stephanie C. Talker, Hilde Forberg, Anne K. Storset, Andrea Müllebner, J. Catharina Duvigneau, Sabine E. Hammer, Armin Saalmüller and Wilhelm Gerner

Topical CpG Oligodeoxynucleotide Adjuvant Enhances the Adaptive Immune Response against Influenza A InfectionsWing Ki Cheng, Adam William Plumb, Jacqueline Cheuk-Yan Lai, Ninan Abraham* and Jan Peter Dutz

Nutritional and Nanotechnological Modulators of MicrogliaDusica Maysinger* and Issan Zhang

Platelets: New Bricks in the Building of Neutrophil Extracellular TrapsAgostina Carestia, Tomas Kaufman and Mirta Schattner*