Frontiers publishes its 1000th eBook

<p>Protected marine species have populations that are depleted, decreasing, or are at-risk of extinction or local extirpation.</p>

By Eva Brown, Frontiers

We are very proud to announce that this week we published our 1000th eBook

In “The Economics of Protected Marine Species: Concepts in Research and Management”, an array of prominent researchers synthesizes current protected marine species economic research and expand the discussion on present and future challenges related to protected species economics, to advance our understanding of the ecological and economic aspects of managing and recovering these species.

Frontiers Research Topic eBooks enable access to a wide variety of specialty Research Topics, effectively clustering a congregation of peer-reviewed articles under a related topic, and providing an immediate and largely relevant collection to their readers. Work on eBooks has been rapidly growing since the first volumes were published, under the objectives of maximizing dissemination, visibility and impact of knowledge, and the eBook team have reached this milestone thanks to a large degree of dedication.

Apart from the exponential growth of Research Topic eBooks over the past few years, progress has also been made with the addition of Theme Books (featuring collections of articles on a specific theme) and Abstract books (collections of abstracts presented at academic conferences).

Our 5 most read eBooks for 2016 are:

1) Plants as Alternative Hosts for Human and Animal Pathogens, hosted by Nicola J. Holden, Robert W. Jackson and Adam Schikora

2) Intra- and Inter-Species Interactions in Microbial Communities, hosted by Luis Raul Comolli, Birgit Luef and Manfred Auer

3) M1/M2 Macrophages: The Arginine Fork in the Road to Health and Disease, hosted by Charles Dudley Mills, Laurel L Lenz and Klaus Ley

4) Neural Masses and Fields: Modelling the Dynamics of Brain Activity, hosted by Dimitris Pinotsis, Peter Robinson, Peter beim Graben and Karl Friston

5) Advances in Farm Animal Genomic Resources, hosted by Stéphane Joost, Michael W. Bruford, Ino Curik, Juha Kantanen, Johannes A. Lenstra, Johann Sölkner, Göran Andersson, Philippe V. Baret, Nadine Buys, Jutta Roosen, Michèle Tixier-Boichard and Paolo Ajmone Marsan

The online bookstore-like platform was created for ease of access, allowing researchers to download and browse through pages of Frontiers Research Topic eBooks, Abstract books, past hardcopy issues as well as other academic literature.

You can access the complete, freely downloadable PDF and EPUB versions here: