Are you brave enough to face the challenge?

Do you remember the everlasting curiosity you had as a kid? The great pleasure and empowerment you felt when adults honestly asked your feedback? And are you now a courageous scientist who believes science should be open and accessible for all? Then you are the one we are looking for!

— By Hedwig Ens

After a successful visit to the Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC where we spoke to hundreds of kids, parents, and teachers, we are now calling on you for your manuscripts. New Young Reviewers and Science Mentors join our Editorial Boards on an almost daily level, and are eagerly waiting to give feedback on your scientific manuscript.

At Frontiers for Young Minds our goal is to make cutting-edge research available to young readers. Not only does this result in freely available educational outreach resources, it also teaches valuable communication skills to scientists during the process. In our innovative model, the articles are written by active scientists, and reviewed by our Young Reviewers for their own peers.

In every review, our Young Minds are introduced to the world of a scientist, they get to know the benefits of collaborative peer-review, and perhaps most importantly: they are encouraged to act as the experts that they are. By asking and answering questions, they are empowered to be the scientists of the future.

Do you also feel that science reaches further than your lab bench, and should be open and accessible for all, independent of age, background, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status? Does your research fall within one of our six sections: Astronomy and Space Science, Biodiversity, Earth and its Resources, Health, Mathematics, or Neuroscience? And are you brave enough to withstand the feedback of our Young Reviewers? Then write to us today at!

See our author guidelines or contact us for any additional questions on how to get started with writing your manuscript. We are looking forward to hearing from you, the fearless scientists out there!