Merete Nordentoft is new Chief Editor of Frontiers in Psychiatry – Schizophrenia

— by Robyn Mugridge

Frontiers in Psychiatry is proud to announce the new Specialty Chief Editor of Schizophrenia — Professor Merete Nordentoft of the University of Copenhagen. Merete Nordentoft is professor in clinical psychiatry, and works as a clinician at the Mental Health Center Copenhagen where she also heads a research unit of more than 60 researchers.

Prof. Merete Nordentoft, of the Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention - DRISP new Chief Editor of Frontiers in Psychiatry - Schi...

In an exclusive interview for Frontiers in Psychiatry, Merete Nordentoft commented on the key issues currently affecting researchers, clinicians and patients:

“Schizophrenia is the most debilitating psychiatric disorder. Fully knowing what causes schizophrenia and how the illness evolves remains a challenge,” says Professor Nordentoft. “Understanding these factors could potentially translate into preventive interventions and more effective treatment, which is why more research is needed.”

“Another challenge is that many patients do not have access to the highest level of evidence-based treatment,” she says. “Early intervention in schizophrenia and related disorders can improve the outcome and should be more widely implemented.

“My aim as Specialty Chief Editor of the Schizophrenia section is to encourage the publishing of high-quality research papers, which can be made available to as wide an audience as possible.”

She continues: “Research published with Frontiers’ open-access Psychiatry journal has a significant advantage: the content of the journal will be available for a broad audience. We aim to publish many article series with potentially influential papers in the area of schizophrenia”.

Merete Nordentoft and Frontiers in Psychiatry welcome submissions to Schizophrenia and look forward to collaborating on innovative and influential article collections.

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