Is policy prepared for an aging population?

There are more adults age 65 years and older on the planet than ever before and this number is only set to increase.

Aging and Public Health a new section in Frontiers in Public Health led by Specialty Chief Editors Professor Marcia G. Ory and Professor Matthew Lee Smith, Texas A&M University aims to advance the scientific basis of knowledge and action to improve the health and quality of life for older adult populations and to enhance the research, practice and policy related to aging.

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Research needed to inform public health efforts

Aging and Public Health is particularly important now as our global society is aging. According to Chief Editors Profs Ory and Smith "while we possess a basic understanding about the role of genetics, behaviors, the environment, and policy on healthy aging, additional research is needed to inform public health efforts to optimize human health in later life".

Age-related consequences

Profs Ory and Smith "urge the field to go beyond a biological or clinical view of aging, but also investigate the social determinants of health of aging (and healthy aging)". They encourage the examination of multiple, complex and interrelated determinants of healthy aging and age-related consequences. "We believe the growth of the aging population requires immediate attention, and public health efforts can be the catalyst to leverage cross-disciplinary efforts to evoke systems change."

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