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Led by Professor Mel Slater, based at the University of Barcelona, Frontiers in Virtual Reality aims to publish the latest research across virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality, developing new technologies and finding exciting new applications for our society.

High quality virtual reality systems can now be purchased at less than the cost of a smartphone says Prof Slater. "Although Augmented Reality is rather more expensive at the moment, it is moving in the same direction, and likely to eventually become more ubiquitous than VR in its use by the general public. There has been around three decades of technical and scientific development in the fields of VR and AR. The research is at multiple levels -- on the technical side how to appropriately simulate sensory output, and track human behavior at multiple levels to form a coherent virtual environment. For the first time this journal brings together multiple components of the science and technology of VR under one umbrella."

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Using virtual and augmented reality to understand problems deeply

"Virtual and Augmented Reality can depict situations that have not occurred but which might or will occur. Rather than read about the impact of the destruction of a rain forest or watch it on TV, people can be immersed in situations so that they can understand some of the implications at first hand. There already has been some work on the use of VR in the context of the climate emergency, and such studies and applications would be encouraged," says Prof Slater.

Specialties in Frontiers in Virtual Reality open for submissions

  • Virtual Reality in Medicine led by Prof. Albert Rizzo, University of Southern California

  • Virtual Reality in Industry led by Prof. Carolina Cruz-Neira, University of Central Florida

  • Technologies for VR led by Prof. Anthony Steed, University College London

  • Virtual Reality and Human Behaviour led by Prof. Mel Slater, University of Barcelona

Further specialties will be available soon including:

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