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The European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) has announced the transition of Transplant International from Hybrid access to Gold Open Access in partnership with Frontiers. Transplant International is the premier journal publishing the key basic science and clinical developments in organ replacement medicine and will transfer from the publisher Wiley to Frontiers’ Open Science Platform from January 1, 2022.

Frontiers will work closely with ESOT’s leadership committees and stakeholders to transition the journal, including its extensive archive of articles, which dates back to 1989. All articles will be immediately, permanently, and freely available to read, download and access for people everywhere. Authors will retain copyright and published articles will be compliant with Plan S.

For more than thirty years ESOT, the leading community for all transplant professionals and patients, has been committed to advancing research and clinical practice in the field of organ transplantation. They aim to improve the lives of everyone affected and optimise the outcome of organ transplantation, with a growing attention to emerging techniques of organ regeneration. The transition of Transplant International to Gold Open Access with Frontiers will continue to drive this mission, by allowing all researchers, surgeons, and clinicians across the globe to access the important research the journal publishes.

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Commenting on the agreement, ESOT’s chief executive officer Luca Segantini said: “This transition is in line with ESOT’s constant pursuit of innovative ways to create and share education for the benefit of all transplant professionals and patients. Finding our new publishing partner involved in-depth scouting and an extensive interview process that resulted in Frontiers topping the chart in the most important parameters: an innovative approach and a willingness to work together with ESOT to transform the way we share education and science. We are confident that this new partnership will strengthen the position of Transplant International and future-proof our journal in a time when unrestricted access to scientific developments is key to advance research and clinical practice.”

The ESOT chose Frontiers due to their experience in transitioning society journals to Open Access. Since the start of last year, nine society journals have partnered with Frontiers, including the Geological Society of London, European Hernia Society (EHS), and the Swiss School of Public Health amongst others.

Dr. Frederick Fenter, Chief Executive Editor at Frontiers, commented: “This partnership will lead to real benefits for the organ transplantation research community -- a collaboration to which we will bring the innovative and open publishing channels that can fully support the mission of the ESOT. Society journals are the bedrock of the communities they serve, and I am confident we will enable the ESOT to bring its research to the world without restriction or condition through open access. Even more people will now benefit from the ESOT’s incredible portfolio of research, which spans more than 30 years.”

Professor Thierry Berney, editor in chief of Transplant International, said “A new editorial team has taken the leadership of Transplant International earlier this year, with the strong commitment to open a new era for the journal on its agenda: a new style, new formats and new concepts, opening up to novel aspects in organ replacement and regeneration, a rejuvenated editorial board, author engagement using modern tools of communication. Clearly, creativity is in the DNA of this editorial team, of ESOT and of Frontiers. This transition, with the move to gold open access as one of its cornerstones, will be instrumental to fulfil our vision to become the most innovative journal in our field.”

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The European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) was founded over 30 years ago and is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in organ transplantation. Facilitating a wealth of international clinical trials and research collaborations over the years, ESOT remains committed to its primary aim of improving patient outcomes in transplantation. With a community of over 8,000 members from around the world, ESOT is an influential international organisation and the facilitator of the biennial congress which hosts approximately 3,500 experts who come to meet to explore and discuss the latest scientific research. ESOT attracts the foremost transplantation experts to work in its committees and sections, and has an impressive track record in supporting research, supporting extensive education, and promoting changes in European policy.