Frontiers Research Topics has a new look

We are excited to present the new design of Frontiers Research Topics. Organized by leading researchers, Research Topics are collections of peer-reviewed open-access articles on important themes at the cutting edge of knowledge. Research Topics let you drive new ideas, highlight progress and catalyze developments in your research field.

Over 2,300 Research Topics, curated by almost 6,000 leading scientists, physicians, and engineers, have already been hosted on the Frontiers open-science platform. Watch our new video and scroll down for the new and enhanced features of your Frontiers Research Topics.

New and enhanced features

The redesign offers a new look for an easy and intuitive reader experience, with maximum visibility and impact for editors, authors and their publications. New and enhanced features include:

  •  Impact panel At a glance, the reach and impact of the Research Topic, including views, likes, comments, shares, and social media buzz.

  • “Editors” panel – Presents the Topic Editors with a photo, affiliation, profile views and publications, for maximum discoverability and impact. Click on the names to read their full Frontiers profile.

  • “Overview” tab – Includes the title, scope and objectives of the Research Topic, as defined by the Topic Editors.

  • “Articles” tab – Showcases published articles, including the title, authors, abstract and impact summary. Click on the titles to read, download, or share articles for free, post comments, and analyze the readership with uniquely detailed demographics.

  • “Contributors” tab Showcases the authors, with a photo, affiliation, profile views, publications, and number of contributions.

  • “Follow” buttons – Connect with editors and contributors on the Frontiers Research Network that includes 160,000 scientists, clinicians and engineers around the world.  Follow your colleagues, make new contacts and stay up to date with articles and news delivered through your personalized data stream.

  • “Comments” tab Join the discussion! Read comments about the Research Topic, or post your own for post-publication feedback.

  • Cross-listed journals tab – Shows the Frontiers journals through which you can submit abstracts and articles to the Research Topic. Research Topics can be cross-listed across journals and specialties to encourage multidisciplinary research.

  • E-book button  For lasting impact, Frontiers compiles selected Research Topics into free e-books (PDF and EPUB formats). A blue button is shown at the top of Research Topics that are available as e-books.

How to get involved

If you have an idea for a new Research Topic, submit your proposal or contact the Editorial Office: Need some inspiration? Browse thousands of Research Topics across science, medicine and engineering here – many are open for submissions. A list of the most popular Research Topics can be found here.

Contributing to a Research Topic is easier than ever. Simply click on “Submit an abstract” or “Submit a manuscript” on the Research Topic’s webpage and follow the instructions. Your contribution will benefit from Frontiers’ collaborative peer review, article-level metrics, and network-inspired publication environment. Or if you prefer, you can discuss your contribution with the Topic Editor – please get in touch:

For more information, visit Frontiers Research Topics.