Most viewed Neurology articles in September 2015

Association of pancreatic polypeptide with mild cognitive impairment varies by APOE ε4 alleleRosebud O. Roberts*, Jeremiah A. Aakre, Ruth H. Cha, Walter K. Kremers, Michelle M. Mielke, Stefanie N. Velgos, Yonas E. Geda, David S. Knopman and Ronald C. Petersen

Diurnal fluctuations of verticality perception – lesser precision immediately after waking up in the morningAline J. Schwarz, Dominik Straumann and Alexander A. Tarnutzer*

Prenatal hypoxia-ischemia induces abnormalities in CA3 microstructure, potassium chloride co-transporter 2 expression and inhibitory toneLauren L. Jantzie, Paulina M. Getsy, Jesse L. Denson, Daniel J. Firl, Jessie R. Maxwell, Danny A. Rogers, Christopher G. Wilson and Shenandoah Robinson*

Does the thalamo-cortical synchrony play a role in seizure termination?Elisa Evangelista, Christian Bénar, Francesca Bonini, Romain Carron, Bruno Colombet, Jean Regis and Fabrice Bartolomei*

Dynamic high-cadence cycling improves motor symptoms in Parkinson’s diseaseAngela L. Ridgel*, Robert S. Phillips, Benjamin L. Walter, Fred M. Discenzo and Kenneth A. Loparo

Sex differences in stroke subtypes, severity, risk factors, and outcomes among elderly patients with acute ischemic strokeChangshen Yu, Zhongping An*, Wenjuan Zhao, Wanjun Wang, Chunlin Gao, Shoufeng Liu, Jinghua Wang and Jialing Wu*

Protein citrullination: a proposed mechanism for pathology in traumatic brain injuryRachel C. Lazarus, John E. Buonora, Michael N. Flora, James G. Freedy, Gay R. Holstein, Giorgio P. Martinelli, David M. Jacobowitz and Gregory P. Mueller*

The basal forebrain contributes to cue-based spatial navigation performance in Alzheimer’s diseaseGeorg M. Kerbler, Zuzana Nedelska, Jurgen Fripp, Jan Laczó, Martin Vyhnalek, Jiri Lisy, Adam S. Hamlin, Stephen E. Rose, Jakub Hort and Elizabeth J. Coulson*

The Vallecas Project: a cohort to identify early markers and mechanisms of Alzheimer’s diseaseJavier Olazarán*, Meritxell Valentí, Belén Frades, María Ascensión Zea-Sevilla, Marina Ávila-Villanueva, Miguel Ángel Fernández-Blázquez, Miguel Calero, José Luis Dobato, Juan Antonio Hernández-Tamames, Beatriz León-Salas, Luis Agüera-Ortiz, Jorge López-Álvarez, Pedro Larrañaga, Concha Bielza, Juan Álvarez-Linera and Pablo Martinez-Martin

Functional MRI preprocessing in lesioned brains: manual versus automated region of interest analysisKathleen A. Garrison*, Corianne Rogalsky, Tong Sheng, Brent Liu, Hanna Damasio, Carolee J. Winstein and Lisa S. Aziz-Zadeh