Most viewed Physiology articles in December 2015

Sprint Acceleration Mechanics: The Major Role of Hamstrings in Horizontal Force ProductionJean-Benoit Morin*, Philippe Gimenez, Pascal Edouard, Pierrick Arnal, Pedro Jimenez-Reyes, Pierre Samozino, Matt Brughelli and Jurdan Mendiguchia

Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Fibre Type Assessments in Microbiopsy vs. Bergstrom Percutaneous Sampling of Human Skeletal MuscleMeghan C. Hughes, Sofhia V. Ramos, Patrick C. Turnbull, Ali Nejatbakhsh, Brittany L. Baechler, Houman Tahmasebi, Robert Laham, Brendon J. Gurd, Joe Quadrilatero, Daniel A. Kane and Christopher G.R. Perry*

Low Intensity Exercise Training Improves Skeletal Muscle Regeneration PotentialTiziana Pietrangelo, Ester S. Di Filippo, Rosa Mancinelli*, Christian Doria, Alessio Rotini, Giorgio Fanò-Illic and Stefania Fulle

Simulation of Cl- Secretion in Epithelial Tissues: New Methodology Estimating Activity of Electro-Neutral Cl- TransporterKouhei Sasamoto, Naomi Niisato, Akiyuki Taruno and Yoshinori Marunaka*

Immediate Effects of Smoking on Cardiorespiratory Responses During Dynamic Exercise: Arm Versus Leg ErgometryChien-Liang Chen*, Jing-Shia Tang, Nan-Ying Yu, Ping-Chia Li and Pi-Ling Chou

An Ultra­-High field Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study of Post Exercise Brain Lactate, Glutamate and Glutamine Change in the Human Brain.Andrea Dennis*, Adam G. Thomas, Nancy B. Rawlings, Jamie Near, Thomas E. Nichols, Stuart Clare, Heidi Johansen-Berg and Charlotte J. Stagg

Individualized Internal and External Training Load Relationships in Elite Wheelchair Rugby PlayersThomas A. W. Paulson*, Barry Mason, James Rhodes and Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey

Comparison Between 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test and Multistage Field Test on physiological Responses in Wheelchair Basketball PlayersThierry Weissland*, Arnaud Faupin, Benoit Borel and Pierre-Marie Leprêtre

Interactions Between Dyspnea and the Brain Processing of Nociceptive Stimuli: Experimental Air Hunger Attenuates Laser-Evoked Brain Potentials in Humans.Laurence Dangers, Louis Laviolette, Thomas Similowski and Capucine Morelot-Panzini*

Interaction Between Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate in Pediatric Population.Jakub S. Gąsior*, Jerzy Sacha, Piotr J. Jeleń, Mariusz Pawłowski, Bożena Werner and Marek J. Dąbrowski