Meet the Frontiers Team

This blog was updated in November 2017 to reflect our staff numbers.

When we launched our first journal in 2008, the Frontiers team consisted of only a handful of people. Now, nearly a decade later, that team has grown to be over 370 people and spans across three continents.

Even though we’ve grown substantially and will continue to grow, one thing has stayed the same – and that is our entrepreneurial spirit. From interns to managers, everyone regardless of their title is empowered to share ideas and make a difference.

Frontiers began with the mission to make all of science open to everybody in the world and that mission required innovation, risk taking and a lot of dedication. Over the years, we’ve pioneered many advances in academic publishing such as article and author-level impact metrics, a unique collaborative peer review which enables editors, reviewers and authors to work together during the review process to ensure each article is scientifically correct and the best it can be, and a digital editorial office that provides our Field Chief Editors complete access to the editorial process 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Innovation is part of the genetic makeup that makes Frontiers unique. All of our programs and platforms are built in-house and constantly evolving to meet the demands of our growing editorial board and readership. Over 50% of our team are IT professionals who create and develop our award-winning technology solutions.

With colleagues from 40 countries, Frontiers is a truly international environment where people not only work together, but learn from each other. Our experienced team has joined us from companies including World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, eBay, Thomson, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Siemens, as well as publishing houses including, Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, Elsevier and Wiley.

Currently, Frontiers has offices in Lausanne (HQ), Madrid, London, Seattle, Brussels, Trivandrum and Beijing.

Interested in joining the Frontiers team? See our open positions.