Introducing Collections from Frontiers for Young Minds


To highlight why each discovery is important with background and context, these collections of articles take non-technical readers through the core of a field.

Frontiers for Young Minds is excited to share its latest effort to bring high-quality science content to interested young readers everywhere. Our authors have already highlighted some of the latest scientific developments – from alternative fuels to adolescent risk-taking – and we want to take the next step. We want researchers to help us dive deeper into the central ideas and tools in each field, but in the same kid-friendly format as before.

That is why we have launched our Collections: groups of articles covering a central theme from a variety of perspectives and methods. While the Young Minds New Discovery articles have provided snapshots of the cutting-edge, we want our Core Concept articles to provide the background and context to help young readers understand why each discovery is so important. Each Collection will serve as an in-depth guide, taking readers through the core of a field: one Collection introducing each region of the brain or exploring Earth’s systems from the cryosphere to the atmosphere. Each article in the Collection will be written by experts and face the scrutiny of our board of Young Reviewers before it can be published.

Collections will have their own homepage with links to each article, be free for anyone to access, and will even be available in a free-to-download eBook. They will also contain useful tools and references, like glossaries and figures. Kids, parents, and educators who want to dive deeper into cutting-edge science will get a chance to do so with the Frontiers for Young Minds Collections.

We are proud that the first Collections will be hosted and curated by our very own Specialty Chief Editors. In addition to the regions of the brain and Earth’s systems, we hope to explore biodiversity through the layers of a forest, the organs and main systems in our bodies, evolution, immune cells, gravitational waves, and more.

If you would like to suggest a theme for one of our future Collections, please contact us at Hosts will propose a theme for approval from our Chief Editors, invite and curate contributions from authors, and determine content for the Collection homepage.

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Frontiers for Young Minds is currently accepting submissions in six specialty sections:

  • Understanding Mathematics

  • Understanding Biodiversity

  • Understanding Neuroscience

  • Understanding Astronomy and Space Science

  • Understanding Health

  • Understanding the Earth and its Resources

Researchers interested in submitting versions of their work to Frontiers for Young Minds can find out more here.