Psycho-Oncology: A new specialty in Frontiers in Psychology

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More than 18 million people received a life-changing diagnosis of cancer in 2018 as reported in the WHO’s International Agency on Cancer Research. As the number of cases is on the rise, approaches to cancer treatment need to evolve. Integrating mental health sciences in cancer treatment therapies has been widely recognized as the best way to ensure patients and their families can cope with the challenges ahead.

The new Psycho-Oncology specialty section, part of Frontiers in Psychology and led Dr Anja Mehnert-Theuerkauf (Leipzig University), hopes to “encourage psycho-oncological research with a broad thematic perspective to improve chances of recovery and quality of life of for patients, caregivers, as well as health care professionals”. 

Psycho-Oncology is interdisciplinary and welcomes research in all areas of psycho-oncology in exploring holistic integrated approaches to improve cancer care and recovery.

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The inaugural article collection on Uncertainty, Anxiety, and Fear of Cancer Recurrence, led by Guest Associate Editors Phyllis Butow, Joanne Shaw, Gerry Humphris, and Sophie Lebel is now open for submission.

Other article collections in Psychology are coming soon…

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