Dystonia Medical Research Foundation and Frontiers launch new Open Access journal

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) has officially selected Frontiers as the publishing partner of its new Gold Open Access journal, Dystonia. The journal will shine a spotlight on the global research effort for a greater understanding of dystonia, as well as breakthroughs in basic, clinical and translational research in the field.

Founded in 1976, the DMRF has grown from a small family-based foundation to a membership-driven organization of more than 50,000. The DMRF works to advance research for more treatments and, ultimately, to find a cure while also promoting programs of awareness and education and offers support to those individuals and families affected by dystonia, a neurological disorder that results in abnormal muscle contractions and body postures, making it difficult for individuals to control their movements.

The DMRF’s chief scientific advisor Dr. Jan Teller said, “I am sure that the entire dystonia community, which includes patients, clinicians, and researchers will be absolutely thrilled to learn that, finally, we have a place to publish results of important studies on the dystonias. Recent explosive increases in the number of scientific publications devoted to dystonia fully justifies establishment of this open access journal.”

Dr. Frederick Fenter, chief executive editor at Frontiers, commented, “Frontiers is proud to have been selected as the official publishing partner of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation and to be able to offer researchers a unique community-based venue for dystonia research. The DMRF has now supported and stimulated dystonia research for more than 40 years, and this journal will be the natural publication venue for both DMRF-funded authors and authors across the globe researching dystonia and related neurological disorders.”

Frontiers Publishing Partnerships launched in 2020 to help facilitate open access for society journals. Dystonia will be the seventh society journal to join the Frontiers family of publishing partners since then. Recent agreements have also included the Geological Society of London, the Swiss School of Public Health, and the International Drug Abuse Research Society, among others.


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