Biogeoscience Chief Editor is the Recipient of the 2021 R. Berner Lectureship

Dr. Alexandra Turchyn

We are honored to announce that Dr. Alexandra (Sasha) Turchyn, Co-Chief Editor of the Biogeoscience section of Frontiers in Earth Science is a recipient of the 2021 R. Berner Lectureship for her important contributions in the field of global geochemical cycles. 

Recipients of this Lectureship are selected for their 'exceptional ability to define globally important biogeochemical processes, develop new understandings, and significantly advance the corresponding area of research.' Dr. Turchyn was presented the lectureship at the Goldschmidt 2021 conference, where she gave a Keynote Lecture on the topic of ‘Exploring the biogeochemical sulfur cycle over the past 150 million years’. 

Dr. Turchyn graduated from Harvard University in 2005, and is currently a Reader in Biogeochemistry at the University of Cambridge. Her present research field includes understanding how the ocean’s chemistry has changed over time. It focuses on how interrelated biogeochemical cycles have responded to changes in climate on earth.

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The R. Berner Lectureship was established in 2017 to commemorate the late Robert Berner who was known for his outstanding contributions in the field of Geochemistry, including his contributions to modeling the carbon cycle. It is a joint program of the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry presented at the annual Goldschmidt conference. The Keynote Lecture will be based on a ‘Berner’ subject, which covers a range of topics associated with elemental cycling and the Earth’s surface. Dr. Turchyn was selected for her innovative use of analytical techniques and mathematical models which have made valuable contributions in the field of global geochemical cycles, particularly related to modern and ancient sulfur cycles. 

The Frontiers in Earth Science warmly congratulates Dr. Turchyn on this prestigious recognition and is proud to count on her support and dedication.