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Front. Phys. | doi: 10.3389/fphy.2018.00142

Heavy neutral leptons and high-intensity observables

  • 1UMR6533 Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont (LPC), France
  • 2UMR8627 Laboratoire de physique théorique (LPT), France

New Physics models in which the Standard Model particle content is
enlarged via the addition of sterile fermions remain among the
most minimal and yet most appealing constructions, particularly since
these states are present as building blocks of numerous
mechanisms of neutrino mass generation.
Should the new sterile states have non-negligible
mixings to the active (light) neutrinos, and if they are not
excessively heavy,
one expects important
contributions to numerous high-intensity observables, among them
charged lepton flavour violating
muon decays and transitions, and lepton electric dipole moments.
We briefly review the prospects of these minimal SM extensions to
several of the latter observables, considering both simple extensions
and complete models of neutrino mass generation. We emphasise the
existing synergy between different observables at the Intensity
Frontier, which will be crucial in unveiling the new model at work.

Keywords: Lepton-flavor violation, neutrino physics, beyond standard model physics, EDM, Muon observables

Received: 12 Sep 2018; Accepted: 29 Nov 2018.

Edited by:

Yoshitaka Kuno, Osaka University, Japan

Reviewed by:

Hiroaki Sugiyama, Toyama Prefectural University, Japan
Mariam Tórtola, Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC), Spain  

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* Correspondence: Dr. Ana M. Teixeira, UMR6533 Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont (LPC), Aubiere, France,