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Original Research

Accepted on 19 Sep 2023

Pancreatic Cancer Challenge in 52 Asian Countries: Age-Centric Insights and the Role of Modifiable Risk Factors (1990-2019)Pancreatic Cancer in Asia: A Comprehensive Analysis of Incidence, Mortality, and Disability-Adjusted Life Years Trends Based on the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

  • Xin Xiang
  • Xuejie Chen
  • Yue He
  • Yiwei Wang
  • Weitong Xia
  • Ye Shuyu
  • Sidan Wang
  • Quansi Li
  • Yi Xiao
  • XiaoYan Wang
Frontiers in Oncology
doi 10.3389/fonc.2023.1271370