Frontiers in Built Environment, a new open-access journal from Frontiers

Frontiers in Built Environment, the latest journal from the award-winning open-access publisher Frontiers, calls for submissions.

Frontiers in Built Environment is now open for theoretical, computational, and experimental submissions across the spectrum of built environment research, including inter- and multidisciplinary studies.

Submissions are peer-reviewed on Frontiers’ Interactive Forum, through a collaborative, fast, transparent, and objective review process. Articles are published as Open Access under the Creative Commons CC-BY license.

“Frontiers is for serious authors who want a balanced and insightful review, rapid turnaround, and visibility for their findings. Its review process was built from the ground up to promote rigor and accountability,” says Forrest Masters, Associate Professor and Program Director at the University of Florida and Chief Editor of the Specialty section Wind Engineering and Science.

Frontiers in Built Environment also boasts advanced article-level impact analytics and post-publication commenting on all articles. Frontiers’ unique Tiering System showcases the studies with the greatest impact to a wider audience.

“Enjoy this new open-access journal, where you will be able to find cutting-edge trends in built environment research,” says Izuru Takewaki, Professor at Kyoto University and Chief Editor of the specialty section Earthquake Engineering.

Specialty sections currently open for submissions are:

Bridge Engineering | Specialty Chief Editor: Joan Ramon Casas

Earthquake Engineering | Specialty Chief Editor: Izuru Takewaki

Wind Engineering and Science | Specialty Chief Editor: Forrest Masters

Historic Preservation and Restoration | Specialty Chief Editor: William Ryan Chapman

Structural Materials | Specialty Chief Editor: John Provis

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning | Specialty Chief Editor: Hazim Bashir Awbi

Many other Specialty sections are coming soon, including Geomatics and Landscape Architecture — stay tuned!

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