Most viewed Neurology articles in August 2015

A prospective pilot trial for pallidal deep brain stimulation in Huntington´s diseaseLars Wojtecki*, Stefan J. Groiss, Stefano Ferrea, Saskia Elben, Christian J. Hartmann, Stephen B. Dunnett, Anne Rosser, Carsten Saft, Martin Südmeyer, Christian Ohmann, Alfons Schnitzler and Jan Vesper for the Surgical Approaches Working Group of the European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN)

Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on the recognition of bodily emotions from point-light displaysSharona Vonck, Stephan Patrick Swinnen, Nicole Wenderoth and Kaat Alaerts*

Force variability during dexterous manipulation in individuals with mild to moderate Parkinson’s diseaseNa-hyeon Ko, Christopher M. Laine, Beth E. Fisher and Francisco J. Valero-Cuevas*

Deficits in the activation of human oculomotor nuclei in chronic traumatic brain injuryChristopher W. Tyler*, Lora T. Likova, Kristyo N. Mineff and Spero C. Nicholas

Central nervous system and peripheral inflammatory processes in Alzheimer’s disease: biomarker profiling approachConstance Delaby*, Audrey Gabelle, David Blum, Susanna Schraen-Maschke, Amandine Moulinier, Justine Boulangien, Dany Severac, Luc Buee, Thierry Reme and Sylvain Lehmann

Aberrant brain network efficiency in Parkinson’s disease patients with tremor: a multi-modality studyDelong Zhang, Jinhui Wang, Xian Liu, Jun Chen and Bo Liu*

Alteration of basal ganglia and right frontoparietal network in early drug-naïve Parkinson’s disease during heat pain stimuli and resting stateYing Tan, Juan Tan, Jiayan Deng, Wenjuan Cui, Hui He, Yang Fei, Hongjie Deng, Ruhui Xiao, Huang Zhengkuan, Xingxing Zhang, Rui Tan, Xiaotao Shen, Tao Liu, Xiao-ming Wang*, Dezhong Yao and Cheng Luo*

Altered functional connectivity of fusiform gyrus in subjects with amnestic mild cognitive impairment: a resting state fMRI studySuping Cai, Tao Chong, Yun Zhang, Jun Li, Karen M. von Deneen, Junchan Ren, Minghao Dong* and Liyu Huang* for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Changes in the peripheral blood gene expression profile induced by 3 months of valproate treatment in patients with newly diagnosed epilepsyAleksei Rakitin*, Sulev Kõks, Ene Reimann, Ele Prans and Sulev Haldre

The clinical epidemiology of spontaneous ICH in a sub-Sahara African country in the CT scan era: a neurosurgical in-hospital cross-sectional surveyAmos Olufemi Adeleye*, Uyiosa A. Osazuwa and Godwin I. Ogbole

Lateralization of temporal lobe epilepsy based on resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging and machine learningZhengyi Yang*, Jeiran Choupan, David Reutens and Julia Hocking

Correlation of resting elbow angle with spasticity in chronic stroke survivorsMinal Y. Bhadane, Fan Gao, Gerard E. Francisco, Ping Zhou and Sheng Li*

Serum from a patient with GAD65 antibody-associated limbic encephalitis did not alter GABAergic neurotransmission in cultured hippocampal networksNelly Stemmler, Karin Rohleder, Michael P. Malter, Guido Widman, Christian E. Elger, Heinz Beck and Rainer Surges*