Most viewed Physiology articles in August 2015

Functional aortic stiffness: role of CD4+ T lymphocytesBeenish A. Majeed, Lance S. Eberson, Supannikar Tawinwung, Nicolas Larmonier, Timothy W. Secomb and Douglas F. Larson*

High-order finite element methods for cardiac monodomain simulationsKevin P. Vincent, Matthew J. Gonzales, Andrew K. Gillette, Christopher T. Villongco, Simone Pezzuto, Jeffrey H. Omens, Michael J. Holst and Andrew D. McCulloch*

Dentin phosphophoryn in the matrix activates AKT and mTOR signaling pathway to promote preodontoblast survival and differentiationAnne George* and Asha Eapen

Xylooligosaccharide supplementation alters gut bacteria in both healthy and prediabetic adults: a pilot studyJieping Yang*, Paula H. Summanen, Susanne M. Henning, Mark Hsu, Heiman Lam, Jianjun Huang, Chi-Hong Tseng, Scot E. Dowd, Sydney M. Finegold, David Heber and Zhaoping Li*

Muscular coordination of biceps brachii and brachioradialis in elbow flexion with respect to hand positionTim Kleiber*, Leo Kunz and Catherine Disselhorst-Klug

Towards the modeling of mucus draining from human lung: role of airways deformation on air-mucus interaction.Benjamin Mauroy*, Patrice Flaud, Dominique Pelca, Christian Fausser, Jacques Merckx and Barrett R. Mitchell

Increment of body mass index is positively correlated with worsening of endothelium-dependent and independent changes in forearm blood flowLuiz G. Kraemer-Aguiar, Marcos L. De Miranda*, Daniel A. Bottino, Ronald de A. Lima, Maria das Graças C. de Souza, Michelle de Moura Balarini, Nivaldo R. Villela and Eliete Bouskela

In adenosine A2B knockouts acute treatment with inorganic nitrate improves glucose disposal, oxidative stress and AMPK signaling in the liverMaria Peleli, Michael Hezel, Christa Zollbrecht, A. Erik G. Persson, Jon O. Lundberg, Eddie Weitzberg, Bertil B. Fredholm and Mattias Carlstrom*

Knock-in mice harboring a Ca2+ desensitizing mutation in cardiac troponin C develop early onset dilated cardiomyopathyBradley K. McConnell, Sonal Singh, Qiying Fan, Adriana Hernandez, Jesus P. Portillo, Peter J. Reiser and Svetlana B. Tikunova*

Direct conscious telemetry recordings demonstrate increased renal sympathetic nerve activity in rats with chronic kidney diseaseIbrahim M. Salman, Divya Sarma Kandukuri, Joanne L. Harrison, Cara M. Hildreth and Jacqueline K. Phillips*