New section launch in Veterinary Science

Reproduction of frogs on the side

Reproduction of frogs on the side — Image by Shutterstock

We are proud and delighted to announce the launch of the new specialty section on Animal Reproduction – Theriogenology, within Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

According to Prof. Tibary, the section comes at a timely moment as the field faces many challenges in particular, the effect of pollutants, climatic changes and stress in general on reproduction. These are as important not only for animal production but also for the future of some animal species and as models for human infertility which is on the rise. Prof. Tibary explains the questions over the next 10 years remain pretty similar however, it is the approach that may become a little different by using new technologies as they develop and building on new knowledge. He tells us, the driving force behind research in reproductive sciences is to discover new ways of dealing with poor reproductive performance or managing fertility.

Prof Tibary explains that he does not look at theriogenology as a different field from reproduction, rather as the medical extension of a biological field and the way to translate research findings into applied approaches to diagnose and treat reproductive disorders. He tells us that the field of theriogenology has matured to the point that it needs a section to empower researchers. Through Open Access, scientists can make their work available to a wider audience through the free dissemination of information. As Specialty Chief Editor, Prof. Tibary’s goal is to give all researchers equal opportunity to publish and receive recognition for their work. He sees Open Access as a way to start combatting these wider problems and creating a solid source of information for the scientist and the clinician.

Prof Tibary’s objective is to receive a well-balanced number of submissions from fundamental/basic research to applied experiments and clinical reports in his section. In particular, he tells us he likes the idea of having special topics focusing on areas pertinent in his field. Some of the discoveries in reproductive biology can also be applied in other fields of medicine such as cancer research. Prof. Tibary will use his international network to attract young researchers and upcoming scientists from all backgrounds. His aim is to publish research not just of novel value, but those that support, uphold or call for a revision to prior research.

Animal Reproduction – Theriogenology, is now ready to welcome high-quality submissions and Research Topic proposals