Frontiers institutional partnerships update – spring 2023

The latest news on our collaborations with research institutions, libraries, consortia, and funders.

Welcome from Frank Hellwig, Institutional Partnerships Development Manager

The first months of 2023 brought several key additions to our community of institutional partners. Through these new partnerships, as well as through our longstanding relationships with many other institutions, we are pleased to be able to support a growing number of researchers, librarians, and consortiums in the global transition to open access.

As of spring this year, we are happy to report that more than 650 institutions worldwide now benefit from partnership agreements with Frontiers. We look forward to welcoming more partners throughout the year, and, as our community grows, we will continue to work to better understand the preferences and needs of institutions and researchers.

New partnership announcements

We have announced several new partnerships and renewals over recent months.

World Economic Forum

Frontiers has entered into a new partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF). As part of the new agreement, Frontiers will join the WEF’s Centre for New Society and Economy and champion open science across the network.

Norway national deal

Norway renewed its national agreement with Frontiers. The deal, which covers 36 institutions and research centers, simplifies the publishing process for Norwegian researchers who publish in Frontiers journals.

JISC Collections

UK-based researchers will continue to benefit from simplified open access publishing through a renewed deal between Frontiers and JISC Collections. The partnership with JISC, which manages negotiations and licensing for digital content agreements on behalf of partner universities, was a landmark deal for researchers, furthering access to open science in the UK.

Foundation for Biosanitary Research and Innovation in Primary Care (FIIBAP)

In Spain, the funding body Foundation for Biosanitary Research and Innovation in Primary Care (FIIBAP) signed a new partnership with Frontiers. The agreement supports FIIBAP’s mission to promote research and innovation in primary healthcare.

Other recently finalized partnerships include:

Events news

Upcoming events

Frontiers is partnering with Convegno delle Stelline. Meet us in Milan 30-31 March, to discuss the European Commission’s plan ‘NextGenerationEU’ as a unique opportunity for science to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

You will also find Frontiers at the UKSG General Meeting in Glasgow, 13-15 April.

Reflections on Charleston

Frontiers was a diamond sponsor of the Charleston Conference, a landmark annual event in scholarly publishing. We took part in several sessions and panels at this vibrant meeting point for librarians and publishers in the USA.

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