Frontiers releases new Interactive Review Forum

Frontiers is pleased to announce the release of its new, revolutionary Interactive Review Forum with enhanced features and upgraded software to enhance and ease the collaborative dialogue between authors and reviewers.

The Review Forum is part of the Frontiers Open Science platform that empowers scientists to advance the way research is evaluated, communicated and shared in the digital era.

Introduced in 2007, Frontiers’ peer review enables a collaborative dialogue online in real-time between authors and reviewers, with an associate editor as moderator. The final decision is based on consensus about objective issues between reviewers and editors, who are named on the final publication to acknowledge their valuable contribution and ensure transparency.

Acting like a personal Web 2.0 assistant, the Review Forum guides authors, reviewers and editors smoothly through the process and alerts them when action is required. The system minimizes delay and speeds up the review, shortening the average time to only 84 days.

Handy new features make it easier to manage the review process and ensure that it progresses smoothly. Editors can easily browse the most relevant reviewer profiles based on keywords, and send invitations with the click of a button.  A timeline reassures authors by keeping them informed on what is happening to their submission.

“As science grows at an accelerated speed, we need a smoother and more efficient peer-review system, not only for authors, but also for reviewers and editors who are all active and busy researchers”, says Kamila Markram, Founder and CEO of Frontiers. “Better Information Technology lies at the heart of Frontiers’ mission. Our new Review Forum uses the latest digital tools to guide authors, reviewers and editors in a virtual environment where they can engage in a truly collaborative review.”

The beta version of the Review Forum was launched several weeks ago and the response from users has been overwhelmingly positive. Today, the new system will be accessible to all editors and authors.

Frontiers has also strengthened post-publication evaluation. Everyone can comment on published articles and detailed impact analytics are used to select the highest-impact studies for showcasing as prestigious “Focused Reviews”.

For more information about Frontiers’ unique peer review, please click here.