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06 Aug 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in July 2016

Transient Expression of Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus Effector Induces Cell Death in Nicotiana benthamiana Marco Pitino, Cheryl M. Armstrong, Liliana M. Cano and Yongping Duan* Identification of Putative RuBisCo Activase (TaRca1)—The Catalytic Chaperone Regulating Carbon Assimilatory Pathway in Wheat (Triticum aestivum) under the Heat Stress Ranjeet R. Kumar, Suneha Goswami, Khushboo Singh, Kavita Dubey, Shweta Singh, Renu Sharma, Neeraj Verma, Yugal K. Kala, Gyanendra K. Rai, Monendra Grover, Dwijesh C. Mishra, Bhupinder Singh, Himanshu Pathak, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Anil Rai and Shelly Praveen Transcription of TIR1-Controlled Genes Can be Regulated within 10 Min by an Auxin-Induced Process. Can TIR1 be the Receptor? Corinna Labusch, Yunus Effendi, Martin Fulda and Günther F. E. Scherer* Non-targeted Metabolomics in Diverse Sorghum Breeding Lines Indicates Primary and Secondary Metabolite Profiles Are Associated with Plant Biomass Accumulation and Photosynthesis Marie F. Turner, Adam L. Heuberger, Jay S. Kirkwood, Carl C. Collins, Edward J. Wolfrum, Corey D. Broeckling, Jessica E. Prenni and Courtney E. Jahn* Physiological Degradation of Pectin in Papaya Cell Walls: Release of Long Chains Galacturonans Derived from Insoluble Fractions during Postharvest Fruit Ripening Samira B. R. do Prado, Paulo R. Melfi, Victor C. Castro-Alves, Sabrina G. Broetto, Elias S. Araújo, João R. O. do Nascimento and João P. Fabi* Partial […]

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04 Jul 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in June 2016

Complex Physiological Response of Norway Spruce to Atmospheric Pollution – Decreased Carbon Isotope Discrimination and Unchanged Tree Biomass Increment Vojtěch Čada*, Hana Šantrůčková, Jiří Šantrůček, Lenka Kubištová, Meelis Seedre and Miroslav Svoboda The Potential of Hyperspectral Patterns of Winter Wheat to Detect Changes in Soil Microbial Community Composition Sabrina Carvalho, Wim H. van der Putten and W. H. G. Hol* Biochemical, Transcriptional, and Bioinformatic Analysis of Lipid Droplets from Seeds of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) and Their Use as Potent Sequestration Agents against the Toxic Pollutant, 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxin Abdulsamie Hanano*, Ibrahem Almousally, Mouhnad Shaban, Farzana Rahman, Elizabeth Blee and Denis J. Murphy Worldwide Evaluations of Quinoa: Preliminary Results from Post International Year of Quinoa FAO Projects in Nine Countries Didier Bazile*, Cataldo Pulvento, Alexis Verniau, Mohammad S. Al-Nusairi, Djibi Ba, Joelle Breidy, Layth Hassan, Maarouf I. Mohammed, Omurbek Mambetov, Munira Otambekova, Niaz Ali Sepahvand, Amr Shams, Djamel Souici, Khaled Miri and Stefano Padulosi Nod Factor Effects on Root Hair-Specific Transcriptome of Medicago truncatula: Focus on Plasma Membrane Transport Systems and Reactive Oxygen Species Networks Isabelle Damiani, Alice Drain, Marjorie Guichard, Sandrine Balzergue, Alexandre Boscari, Jean-Christophe Boyer, Véronique Brunaud, Sylvain Cottaz, Corinne Rancurel, Martine Da Rocha, Cécile Fizames, Sébastien Fort, Isabelle Gaillard, Vincent Maillol, […]

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05 Jun 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in May 2016

VESPUCCI: Exploring Patterns of Gene Expression in Grapevine Marco Moretto, Paolo Sonego, Stefania Pilati, Giulia Malacarne, Laura Costantini, Lukasz Grzeskowiak, Giorgia Bagagli, Maria Stella Grando, Claudio Moser and Kristof Engelen* Trade-Offs between Economic and Environmental Impacts of Introducing Legumes into Cropping Systems Moritz Reckling*, Göran Bergkvist, Christine A. Watson, Frederick L. Stoddard, Peter M. Zander, Robin L. Walker, Aurelio Pristeri, Ion Toncea and Johann Bachinger Implication of Abscisic Acid on Ripening and Quality in Sweet Cherries: Differential Effects during Pre- and Post-harvest Verónica Tijero, Natalia Teribia, Paula Muñoz and Sergi Munné-Bosch* Identification and Characterization of Erysiphe necator-Responsive MicroRNAs in Chinese Wild Vitis pseudoreticulata by High-Throughput Sequencing Lijuan Han, Kai Weng, Hui Ma, Gaoqing Xiang, Zhiqian Li, Yuejin Wang, Guotian Liu and Yan Xu* Regulation of Plant Growth, Photosynthesis, Antioxidation and Osmosis by an Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus in Watermelon Seedlings under Well-Watered and Drought Conditions Yanling Mo, Yongqi Wang, Ruiping Yang, Junxian Zheng, Changming Liu, Hao Li, Jianxiang Ma, Yong Zhang, Chunhua Wei and Xian Zhang* Characterization of Rice Homeobox Genes, OsHOX22 and OsHOX24, and Over-expression of OsHOX24 in Transgenic Arabidopsis Suggest Their Role in Abiotic Stress Response Annapurna Bhattacharjee, Jitendra P. Khurana and Mukesh Jain* Increased Virulence in Sunflower Broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) Populations from Southern […]

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06 May 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in April 2016

Nighttime Supplemental LED Inter-lighting Improves Growth and Yield of Single-Truss Tomatoes by Enhancing Photosynthesis in Both Winter and Summer Fasil T. Tewolde, Na Lu, Kouta Shiina, Toru Maruo, Michiko Takagaki, Toyoki Kozai and Wataru Yamori* Arbuscular mycorrhiza Symbiosis Induces a Major Transcriptional Reprogramming of the Potato SWEET Sugar Transporter Family Jasmin Manck-Götzenberger and Natalia Requena* Non-targeted Metabolite Profiling and Scavenging Activity Unveil the Nutraceutical Potential of Psyllium (Plantago ovata Forsk) Manish K. Patel, Avinash Mishra* and Bhavanath Jha* Genome-Wide Study of the Tomato SlMLO Gene Family and Its Functional Characterization in Response to the Powdery Mildew Fungus Oidium neolycopersici Zheng Zheng, Michela Appiano, Stefano Pavan, Valentina Bracuto, Luigi Ricciardi, Richard G. F. Visser, Anne-Marie A. Wolters and Yuling Bai* Using Transcriptomics to Identify Differential Gene Expression in Response to Salinity among Australian Phragmites australis Clones Gareth D. Holmes, Nathan E. Hall, Anthony R. Gendall, Paul I. Boon and Elizabeth A. James* Flux Balance Analysis of Plant Metabolism: The Effect of Biomass Composition and Model Structure on Model Predictions Huili Yuan, C. Y. Maurice Cheung*, Peter A. J. Hilbers and Natal A. W. van Riel* Mutation of OsGIGANTEA Leads to Enhanced Tolerance to Polyethylene Glycol-Generated Osmotic Stress in Rice Shuai Li, Wenhao Yue, Min Wang, Wenmin Qiu, Lian […]

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08 Apr 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in March 2016

Proteomic Responses of Switchgrass and Prairie Cordgrass to Senescence Bimal Paudel, Aayudh Das, Michaellong Tran, Arvid Boe, Nathan Palmer, Gautam Sarath, Jose L. Gonzalez-Hernandez, Paul J. Rushton and Jai S. Rohila* High Quality Maize Centromere 10 Sequence Reveals Evidence of Frequent Recombination Events Thomas K. Wolfgruber, Megan M. Nakashima, Kevin L. Schneider, Anupma Sharma, Zidian Xie, Patrice S. Albert, Ronghui Xu, Paul Bilinski, R. Kelly Dawe, Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, James A. Birchler and Gernot Presting* Historical Synthesis-Analysis of Changes in Grain Nitrogen Dynamics in Sorghum Ignacio A. Ciampitti* and P.V. Vara Prasad Diverse Evolutionary Trajectories for Small RNA Biogenesis Genes in the Oomycete Genus Phytophthora Stephanie R. Bollmann, Yufeng Fang, Caroline M. Press, Brett M. Tyler and Niklaus J. Grünwald* Leaf Morphology, Photosynthetic Performance, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Stomatal Development of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Exposed to Different Ratios of Red Light to Blue Light Jun Wang, Wei Lu, Yuxin Tong* and  Qichang Yang* Agronomic and Seed Quality Traits Dissected by Genome-Wide Association Mapping in Brassica napus Niklas Körber*, Anja Bus, Jinquan Li, Isobel A. P. Parkin, Benjamin Wittkop, Rod J. Snowdon and Benjamin Stich* The Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequences of Five Epimedium Species: Lights into Phylogenetic and Taxonomic Analyses Yanjun Zhang, Liuwen Du, Ao Liu, Jianjun Chen, Li Wu, Weiming Hu, Wei […]

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05 Mar 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in February 2016

Identification of a 467 bp Promoter of Maize Phosphatidylinositol Synthase Gene (ZmPIS) Which Confers High-Level Gene Expression and Salinity or Osmotic Stress Inducibility in Transgenic Tobacco Hongli Zhang, Jiajia Hou, Pingping Jiang, Shoumei Qi, Changzheng Xu, Qiuxia He, Zhaohua Ding, Zhiwu Wang, Kewei Zhang and Kunpeng Li* MES Buffer Affects Arabidopsis Root Apex Zonation and Root Growth by Suppressing Superoxide Generation in Root Apex Tomoko Kagenishi, Ken Yokawa and Frantisek Baluska* The Poplar Rust-Induced Secreted Protein (RISP) Inhibits the Growth of the Leaf Rust Pathogen Melampsora larici-populina and Triggers Cell Culture Alkalinisation Benjamin Petre, Arnaud Hecker, Hugo Germain, Pascale Tsan, Jan Sklenar, Gervais Pelletier, Armand Séguin, Sébastien Duplessis and Nicolas Rouhier* Redirecting the Cyanobacterial Bicarbonate Transporters BicA and SbtA to the Chloroplast Envelope: Soluble and Membrane Cargos Need Different Chloroplast Targeting Signals in Plants. Vivien Rolland*, Murray R. Badger and G. Dean Price* A Compact Model for the Complex Plant Circadian Clock Joëlle De Caluwé, Qiying Xiao, Christian Hermans, Nathalie Verbruggen, Jean-Christophe Leloup and Didier Gonze* Analysis of Sensitive CO2 Pathways and Genes Related to Carbon Uptake and Accumulation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii through Genomic Scale Modeling and Experimental Validation Flavia V. Winck*, David O. Paez Melo, Diego M. Riaño-Pachón, Marina C. M. Martins, Camila Caldana and Andres F. González […]

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06 Feb 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in January 2016

Endosomal Interactions during Root Hair Growth Daniel von Wangenheim, Amparo Rosero, George Komis, Olga Samajova, Miroslav Ovecka, Boris Voigt and Jozef Samaj* De novo Transcriptome Sequencing and Development of Abscission Zone-Specific Microarray as a New Molecular Tool for Analysis of Tomato Organ Abscission Srivignesh Sundaresan, Sonia Philosoph-Hadas, Joseph Riov, Raja Mugasimangalam, Nagesh A. Kuravadi, Betina Kochanek, Shoshana Salim, Mark L. Tucker and Shimon Meir* Comparative Morphophysiological Analyses and Molecular Profiling Reveal Pi-Efficient Strategies of a Traditional Rice Genotype Poonam Mehra, Bipin K. Pandey and Jitender Giri* Physiological and Metabolic Changes of Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) in Response to Drought, Heat, and Combined Stresses Rui Jin, Yanping Wang, Ruijie Liu, Junbo Gou and Zhulong Chan* Genome-wide small RNA analysis of soybean reveals auxin-responsive microRNAs that are differentially expressed in response to salt stress in root apex Zhengxi Sun, Youning Wang, Fupeng Mou, Yinping Tian, Liang Chen, Senlei Zhang, Qiong Jiang and Xia Li* Enhanced Salt Tolerance Conferred by the Complete 2.3 kb cDNA of the Rice Vacuolar Na+/H+ Antiporter Gene Compared to 1.9 kb Coding Region with 5′ UTR in Transgenic Lines of Rice U. S. M. Amin, Sudip Biswas, Sabrina M. Elias, Samsad Razzaque, Taslima Haque, Richard Malo and Zeba I. Seraj* Developmental Nuclear Localization and […]

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09 Jan 2016

Most viewed Plant Science articles in December 2015

Supplemental Upward Lighting From Underneath to Obtain Higher Marketable Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) Leaf Fresh Weight by Retarding Senescence of Outer Leaves Geng Zhang, Shanqi Shen, Michiko Takagaki, Toyoki Kozai and Wataru Yamori* De novo Transcriptome Assembly of a Chinese Locoweed (Oxytropis ochrocephala) Species Provides Insights Into Genes Associated with Drought, Salinity and Cold Tolerance Wei He, Huihui Zhuang, Yanping Fu, Linwei Guo, Bin Guo, Lizhu Guo, Xiuhong Zhang and Yahui Wei* Crucial Roles of Abscisic Acid Biogenesis in Virulence of Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae Carla A. Spence, Venkatachalam Lakshmanan, Nicole Donofrio and Harsh P. Bais* A Homoploid Hybrid Between Wild Vigna Species Found in a Limestone Karst Yu Takahashi, Kohtaro Iseki, Kumiko Kitazawa, Chiaki Muto, Prakit Somta, Kenji Irie, Ken Naito* and Norihiko Tomooka Polyamine and Its Metabolite H2O2 Play a Key Role in The Conversion of Embryogenic Callus into Somatic Embryos in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Wen-Han Cheng, Fan-Long Wang, Xin-Qi Cheng, Qian-Hao Zhu, Yu-Qiang Sun, Hua-Guo Zhu* and Jie Sun* Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis of Seed Germination and Seedling Vigour in Brassica rapa Reveals QTL Hotspots and Epistatic Interactions Ram K. Basnet*, Anita Duwal, Dev N. Tiwari, Dong Xiao, Sokrat Monakhos, Johan Bucher, Richard G. F. Visser, Steven P. C. Groot, Guusje Bonnema and Chris Maliepaard* Evaluation of […]

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03 Dec 2015

Most viewed Plant Science articles in November 2015

Gladiolus hybridus ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE 5 (GhABI5) Is an Important Transcription Factor in ABA Signaling that Can Enhance Gladiolus Corm Dormancy and Arabidopsis Seed Dormancy Jian Wu, Shanshan Seng, Juanjuan Sui, Eliana Vonapartis, Xian Luo, Benhe Gong, Chen Liu, Chenyu Wu, Chao Liu, Fengqin Zhang, Junna He and Mingfang Yi* Transformation and Evaluation of Cry1Ac+Cry2A and GTGene in Gossypium hirsutum L. Agung N. Puspito, Abdul Q. Rao, Muhammad N. Hafeez, Muhammad S. Iqbal, Kamran S. Bajwa, Qurban Ali*, Bushra Rashid, Muhammad A. Abbas, Ayesha Latif, Ahmad A. Shahid, Idrees A. Nasir and Tayyab Husnain Flg22-Triggered Immunity Negatively Regulates Key BR Biosynthetic Genes Tamara Jiménez-Góngora, Seong-Ki Kim, Rosa Lozano-Durán* and Cyril Zipfel* A Genetically Modified Tobacco Mosaic Virus that Can Produce Gold Nanoparticles from a Metal Salt Precursor Andrew J. Love*, Valentine V. Makarov, Olga V. Sinitsyna, Jane Shaw, Igor V. Yaminsky, Natalia O. Kalinina and Michael E. Taliansky* Short Day Transcriptomic Programming During Induction of Dormancy in Grapevine Anne Y. Fennell*, Karen A. Schlauch, Satyanarayana Gouthu, Laurent G. Deluc, Vedbar Khadka, Lekha Sreekantan, Jerome Grimplet, Grant R. Cramer and Kathy L. Mathiason Variation for N Uptake System in Maize: Genotypic Response to N Supply Trevor Garnett*, Darren Plett, Vanessa Conn, Simon Conn, Huwaida Rabie, J. Antoni […]

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06 Nov 2015

Most viewed Plant Science articles in October 2015

Ecogeography and utility to plant breeding of the crop wild relatives of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Michael B. Kantar*, Chrystian C. Sosa, Colin K. Khoury, Nora P. Castañeda-Álvarez, Harold A. Achicanoy, Vivian Bernau, Nolan C. Kane, Laura Marek, Gerald Seiler and Loren Rieseberg Landscape genomics reveal signatures of local adaptation in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Tiegist D. Abebe, Ali A. Naz* and Jens Léon Genome-wide analysis of the CaHsp20 gene family in pepper: comprehensive sequence and expression profile analysis under heat stress Meng Guo, Jin-Hong Liu, Jin-Ping Lu, Yu-Fei Zhai, Hu Wang, Zhen-Hui Gong*, Shu-Bin Wang* and Ming-Hui Lu* Plant-derived SAC domain of PAR-4 (Prostate Apoptosis Response 4) exhibits growth inhibitory effects in prostate cancer cells Shayan Sarkar, Sumeet Jain, Vineeta Rai, Dipak K. Sahoo, Sumita Raha, Sujit Suklabaidya, Shantibhushan Senapati, Vivek M. Rangnekar, Indu B. Maiti* and Nrisingha Dey* Impact of high temperature stress on floret fertility and individual grain weight of grain sorghum: sensitive stages and thresholds for temperature and duration P. V. V. Prasad*, Maduraimuthu Djanaguiraman, Ramasamy Perumal and Ignacio A. Ciampitti Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling by modified reduced representation bisulfite sequencing in Brassica rapa suggests that epigenetic modifications play a key role in polyploid genome evolution Xun Chen, Xianhong Ge*, Jing Wang, Chen Tan, […]

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21 Oct 2015

Join us in Iguazú Falls, Brazil at the 11th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB 2015)

Going to IPMB 2015 in Iguazú Falls, Brazil? Meet Frontiers at the 11th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology this October 25 – 30! Come chat with us about Open Access publishing, interactive peer-review, becoming an editor, or about hosting your very own Research Topic! With a Research Topic, you can spotlight your very own research area by editing a collection of cutting-edge peer-reviewed articles. Take a look at this successful Research Topic in Frontiers in Plant Science: Molecular basis of fruit development has had over 25’000 views and is available as a freely downloadable e-book! You can learn more about Research Topics in this brochure. We are looking forward to seeing you at IPMB 2015!

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12 Oct 2015

Frontiers in Plant Science at International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology in Brazil

Frontiers in Plant Science (FiPS) is off to Brazil from October 25 – 29 for the triennial International Plant Molecular Biology meeting, held this year at Iguazú Falls. If you’re attending the 11th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB 2015) in Brazil this month, we’d love to see you at the Frontiers booth. Stop by to learn more about Frontiers in Plant Science — the third-largest journal overall in plant science, and ranked first for volume and impact factor among Open Access titles — or to meet the chief editors of the Plant Evolution and Development, Plant Metabolism and Chemodiversity, and Plant Systems and Synthetic Biology sections. We’ll have flyers, giveaways, and more, and will be happy to talk to you about joining our editorial board, hosting a Research Topic, our innovative interactive peer-review system and more. We look forward to meeting you at booth 10 in the exhibitors’ area, October 25 – 29! You can also find us on Twitter @FrontPlantSci